Marijuana and Fitness

Marijuana and Fitness solopipe

Exercising. Working out. Doing something other than binge watching reruns on Netflix for hours.

These polarizing words either fill you will extreme loathing or excitement. The reactions to exercise are about as diverse as the effects of marijuana. But how does marijuana and fitness relate?

Many people use various methods to enhance their workouts – or at least make it more tolerable. Some supplement workouts with creatine, some with pre-workout – and some with marijuana. The effects of marijuana vary vastly from person to person, strain to strain.

Because of this, it has been nearly impossible for researchers to pinpoint exact answers to some hot topic questions concerning marijuana and fitness, such as whether smoking marijuana before working out is beneficial.

Marijuana and Fitness: The New New Year’s Resolution

We’ve all heard about the scandals plaguing tabloids regarding athletes using marijuana, such as Michael Phelps and the leaked photo of him smoking out of a bong. However, Michael Phelps is not alone. As it turns out, many famous athletes include marijuana in their workout routine. Smoking marijuana will not make you swim like Phelps or wrestle like Van Dam of course, but it will not prevent you from doing so.

If you’ve found yourself reading this blog post, you are more than likely familiar with how marijuana makes you feel personally. Some say they feel tired, some say they feel energized. Some say they get overwhelming munchies, some say they do not feel hungry at all.

The same goes for the motivation to work out. What works for Phelps and Van Dam, may not work for you. While marijuana may make many others feel inspired to work out and enjoy their workout more, it may make you feel relaxed and sleepy.

But what physical effects does marijuana have, and how do they relate working out? In a study by The American Journal of Medicine, results concluded that marijuana use is associated with lower levels of fasting insulin, a more efficient metabolism, and smaller waist circumference. The American Cancer Society notes how marijuana can help with pain, a large reason why it is recommended for cancer patients. The National Institutes of Health found that cannabinoids have an anti-inflammatory effect.

All of these physical effects go hand in hand with supplementing a work out. Your body will store less sugar therefore fat, have a more efficient metabolism, be able to cope with exercise strain and recovery pain better, and assist with the acute inflammation after an intense workout.

Although there is not a definitive answer to whether or not marijuana is the perfect supplement to working out due to lack of study, it is safe to say given the research available that marijuana can absolutely improve the quality and results of working out. So feel free to burn some cannabis before burning some calories! Just don’t forget your Solopipe in your gym bag.


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