Returns and Warranties

Thank you for contacting Our warranty / return policy is as follows:

If you are out of warranty, don’t have your receipt or did not purchase your Solopipe from an authorized reseller, mail us the main shell of your Solopipe along with a check made out to Solo Industries for $40 and we will send you a brand new Solopipe.

If you did purchase from then mail us the main shell of your Solopipe, along with a detailed description of what was wrong with your Solopipe (so we can learn from the malfunction) and a check for $15 made out to Solo Industries along with a copy of your original receipt showing you purchased the Solopipe from this web-site directly. (Please note: this is the only online store that honors this warranty. Solopipes purchased from any other web-site are not covered by this warranty).

Mail the check or money order, receipt & Solopipe shell to:

Solopipe Returns
16 Fleet Street #2
Venice, CA 90292


– Team Solopipe