Our Story

Ingenious design. Free-spirited style. Effortless and easygoing. Born from the cool summer breezes of Venice Beach, SoloPipe combines pipe and lighter into one sleek, streamlined smoking device. Reimagine your ritual and liberate your pockets with a pipe of the highest craftsmanship and materials. Its built-in butane lighter is refillable, adjustable, and designed for long-term use. Coveted by trailblazers and connoisseurs, SoloPipe simplifies the smoke and sets fire to your style.

Each SoloPipe includes a hard-shell protective case, carrying bag, cleaning tools, brush screens, and a SoloBowl replaceable glass bowl insert. Available in four colors: chrome, gunmetal, rose gold, and gold.
Ignite your life because your pocket just got a little lighter. 
Half lighter + half pipe = 100% awesome