Solopipe Reviews

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The Original Solopipe Self Igniting Pipe
Ron Turanski (Portland, US)

Best thing since sliced bread!!!!

The Original Solopipe Self Igniting Pipe
Jerold Upchurch (Waverly, US)
Little TLC

Nice product, but the one I purchased has already went out of service. It’s an issue with the electric spark/ mechanism. It might light one time out of 10 clicks and can feel something isn’t quite right when pushing in button to light. I put in the higher quality butane as recommended.

Elektra Pipe Ceramic Bowls
Stephen White (Palm Harbor, US)
Ceramic bowls

Don’t plan on using each ceramic bowl for very long. I usually get a couple of weeks out of a bowl if I don’t use it every day. This could get very expensive. I think the bowl should be redesigned so it’s not so delicate.

The ceramic bowls were designed to be removed to be easily cleaned or replaced like razor blades so you can always have a fresh bowl ready to go for your next session. Have 5 and 3 packs available for under $20

Elektra Pipe Ceramic Bowls
Alfred (La Grande, US)
Keep a fresh bowl

I love that I can pop out a bowl and quickly put in a fresh one. And not have to worry about cleaning until I'm ready! :D I love this pipe so much I keep one bowl separate, just to use with pipe tobacco.

Great pipe!

This thing rocks! One handed lighting/smoking, even in the wind! I just wish the mouthpiece would fit a water pipe or adapter

Like it, but

Instructions are not really clear about changing the bowls. I am also concerned about the durability of the heating element

Elektra Pipe Poker Packer Tool
howard r. (New York, US)
Packer tool

Yeah I bought the packer tool cause the last one that I had got messed up from all the use I been given that electra pipe

Solo Toker Hand Pipe
howard r. (Yonkers, US)

I like this pipe I have been using it on the regular and I like it

New Elektra Self Lighting Electric Pipe
vbnh.[f vbnh.[f (Ashburn, US)
Nice pipe

The smoking device ignites the bowl contents from the bottom up that burns contents effectively.


Great product, exactly as described. Protection from wind is a beauty and not having to hint for a light is perfect. I did have a ceramic bowl go in the first month... you must be very careful not to break the coil / path. Bowl size is a bit small and im finding i have to constantly scrape the sides to bring the remaining "flower" to the center of the bowl. Would reccomend.

Elektra Pipe Glass Stem
Guy (Phoenix, US)
Pass glass

Smooth draw, easy to clean, and keeps things cool 😎. Love the stash spot down below.


EVERYTHING You Need And Want,
In One

I Almost NEVER
Write Reviews.


Jonathan Ramos (Staten Island, US)
Best For All Variety of lighters!!!

Comes with All of the inter-changeable pins easy to use!

Ceramic bowls.

I I really love this pipe a lot ! Just one thing though the ceramic Bowl. They don't last long and can be easily disabled when you're trying to clean the bowl. I had one tonight that I had only used for the third time and it just burned out on me and is dead. This makes it a high end pipe to maintain having to buy ceramic bowls. If you could do something to make the coils last longer you'd have a really great product. Everything about the pipe is great it's just the ceramic Bowl. Thanks a lot

The Original Solopipe Self Igniting Pipe
Steven Ramsey (Bedford, US)

Very cool product! An engineering marvel.
The only thing I could ask for is a fully glass bowl piece.

Every Solopipe comes with the Solo-Bowl glass insert for easy removal for cleaning and repacking. Additonal solo bowls are available in 1, 3 and 5 packs for under $20

Elektra Pipe Ceramic Bowls
Mark Wapinski (Dyer, US)
Electra bowls

Heating element is very fragile

The ceramic bowls were designed to be removed to be easily cleaned or replaced like razor blades so you can always have a fresh bowl ready to go for your next session. Have 5 and 3 packs available for under $20

Solo Toker Hand Pipe
Buzzard (Manassas, US)
OK design but for Leftys, not so much

I like the concept and it works as designed. Need to either make a lefty version or make it ambidextrous . Just keeping it real!

Sick piece

I travel a lot for work and this thing is perfect for the job site when discretion and speed are needed. Very nice product. Have recommended to everyone I see


I'm sure it's fine. It's butane. It is a gift to go with the pipe and cleaner. So since it's not Christmas yet I can't say what he thinks . Thanks tho.

Long life, low battery use, clean smooth burn - what more do you need?

These ceramic bowls work fantastic! Cleaning them is effortless and definitely extends the lifespan of the coil. As a heavy user of a hemp flower/oil blend I tend to give them quite the workout.
For the cost, you most definitely get the best bang for the buck.
An almost perfectly designed coil/bowl for the Ultimate Smoking Experience from the Elektra

Game Changer

I'm willing to say that this is the best invention for smokers this year.
Built in lighter and sliding cover make this in my opinion the best smoking appliance available.
Hit it, cover, and drop in pocket.
No muss, No fuss.
I'm adding this to my Christmas gift list.
Perfect timing for the holidays"

My gift recipients have said they are great.

I do not use them myself, but everyone who has received one of these pipes as a gift from me has raved about them. They have been thrilled by how well they work.

Great Product

Unique one of a kind Pipe ... Which I absolutely love.... Very well made and works as advertised. Only one problem the concentrate glass piece is hard to use. Unless its user error. The instructions are a but Vaque. But all in all a wonderful Pipe...

It's ok

It's got a weird taste when using it. Tried using it few times thinking it was just new. Even washed the glass piece but still has weird taste.