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5 x Solopipe Screens
Keven Frederick
They work

Just what I needed

Unanswered questions

Does this have a lithium battery? I am taking it on plane. Also, if it is a rechargeable battery, usually there is timing on the charge so as not to exhuast the battery or wreck it outright. How long is recharge to avoid damage to battery. And can the battery be replaced? A little more info please. Very confused about URL, I am not on youtube YouTube video placeholder

Works awesome, fast delivery, awesome team.

Works flawlessly

I was looking for something convenient and let me tell you, this delivers! It's so convenient to just press a button and have the magic happen:)

I Love My Solopipe Elektra

Hi all.

I love my Solopipe Elektra! The only thing is:

The bowls where the heating coils are, makes it hard for someone who is totally blind to clean, I keep breaking off the wires, but, at least I know that I can order me more bowls. Ha!

If the wire could be soldered into the bottom of the bowl, then it probably would be much easier for me to clean, and that the bowls would last me longer. other than that, I love the pipe imensley!

Thank you.

Roger Hilburn

I have both the solopipe, and now the elektra self lighting pipe and I love them both!!! They are both great pipes than you very much!!


Very nice and convenient, element seams to need replaced frequently but easy enough to do

ELEKTRA PLATINUM - New Elektra + 5 Ceramic Bowls & 5 Glass Inserts
William Johnson
Great product

My only issue is sometimes there feels like an airflow issue, o can't get a good hit. So if anyone can suggest a fox I will gladly change rating to 5 stars

Harold Brown

works well clogs rather fast should include a clean out tool with every order!!

Elektra Pipe Ceramic Bowl & DAB Glass Bowl Insert 3 Pack
Paul Travis
Customer for life

I've already purchased two solo pipe electra's , ceramic and glass bowls and glass stem replacements. Great products and I'm a customer for life.

Burke Randy


About 3.5 4.5 if it came complete

Works great for what I use it for. If it came complete it would have been nice. No charger or instructions,and no dab bowls. Had to order them from them,still pissed,no instructions on how to install or use them if they get here. The flower bowl is east to change out,and I only have use of 1 hand.tough to line up but it was cut and dry after it slid in a few choice words later. I still recommend even without the dab bowls, the furnace should be fantastic with it, but no idea about adjusting Temps, hopefully, they send me the instructions, can't find them online, cheers

David Ristau

Great design, works good, looks good.

Really great product I've used it a few times very good.

ELEKTRA PLATINUM - New Elektra + 5 Ceramic Bowls & 5 Glass Inserts
Scott Fry
Elektra Solopipe

Works well, just like its advertised

One handed!

Purchased this product for a lady friend who had rotator cuff surgery to help ease the pain. Unfortunately she’s right handed and it’s difficult using left hand to light. So I’ve ordered the electric lighting. But she loves it. Thanks

Elektra Pipe Ceramic Bowls
Lee Peevy
My Review

HI all.

The Ceramic bows are great, however, I do have some concerns:

I am totally blind, when I try to clean the bows, I do at times break the wiring, so is there anyway that the bows can be made so that the wiring won't break when I clean?

Other than that, I like the pipe.

Thank you.

My using solo

Works great once you figure out how to us it properly

Elektra Pipe Ceramic Bowls
Richard Balsley
My New Favorite Pipe

Clean and easy, no outside flame and related exhaus

Absolutely amazing

Not only is their pipe amazing they have amazing customer service! I received my first solo pipe and loved it so much I got one for my mom! Unfortunately hers wouldn’t take butane. They shipped another to replace it! Hands down my bowl of choice!!!!!!

Elektra Pipe Ceramic Bowls
Todd Duffy
Awesome product and price!

I couldn't be happier with the price and quality of the replacement bowls for the Solopipe. Super easy to swap out an old one and very affordable.

No issues. Been very pleased.

It's a good device, but...

It's a good device but it seems like it's really not made for flower. I'm going to return it if possible.

Darrell Lawrence
Solo parts

It was great you will be hearing from me again.

Good product, and so far the experience using it

I honestly don't understand the one and two-star negative reviews on; this product is NOT that bad. After the initial unfortunate fiasco with shipping and delivery of the product, after receiving it and initial use, I am a happy camper. Kudos to the SoloPipe as a business and its owner/inventor, who contacted me after the initial shipping fiasco (it shipped late, and then it never arrived...) with what read like a sincere apology and desire to make it right. The newly shipped pipe arrived today in a plastic pouch, so the pipe carry box was a bit damaged (crooked, so I had to straighten the metal hinge that makes the box open and close), so it is not perfectly closing, but it works. The pipe is pretty easy* to use, and even if it initially has a bit of metallic flavor, the fix for it is to take the mesh out of the pipe, heat it well once, let it cool, and re-install placing the glass rin on the top and then fill it with your desired smoking material (whatever you are consuming with it). I gave it a four-star for now for two reasons: one I already mentioned, and that is how it was packaged to be shipped. This should not be shipped unprotected within a thin plastic pouch; it should be well-boxed and then shipped, or stop sending it in the box and re-think how you will package it. (this is where * comes at easy to use comment) The second reason is the fact that it is really hard to press on the lighter ignition and sometimes one has to use two hands to use the pipe. However, overall, so far, I am happy with it, but since it is my first use, I will give it time and, if need be, update (if editable like on amazon) my review at a later date.