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Great idea

Super concept pipe

Need longer life

Great product. Bowls need to last longer. Love it other than that

Love it 🥰

Love everything about it.

perfect size

No flame! Coil get hot instantly, well made, easy to use. A must

Pipe and bowls

I love them my go to travel pipe!

perfect size

Easy to use, easy to carry discrete and functional.
Quickly shipped

The Elektra is like a cross between a vaporizer and a pipe hit. Smooth with no choking.

Elektra - the future of smoking

The new Elektra pipe is one sleek unit, requiring no Bic lighter or butane, only an occasional USB charging. The supplied tamping tool fits perfectly into the ignition chamber. Replaceable ceramic bowls & glass inserts are easy to replace.

Elektra Pipe

Great pipe!! Amazing customer service. Lifelong customer here!!

Solo Pipe

It is really awesome. I love it.👍👍👍

Glass solo bowl

Probably work better for hash I went back to the screen

Solo Electra pipe

The pipe is really well put together. The cover and poker are great additions. Works flawlessly. I’d highly recommend this!

Solipipe authenticity

So far solopipe is the best tool ive seen to hit the flower

I ❤️ this classy pipe

Thank you for your review! We're glad you like our pipe!


I purchased it for a friend and have no personal experience to give a review.

Works good I am happy with product

Works amazing

The solo pipe is everything that was advertised and works flawlessly I love it

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It's the very best way to light up!!


Received the pipe about 20 days ago, and it is fantastic. works every time you will not be makig a mistake. Easy to setup and use. no mistakes hear.

Randy's Black Label Cleaner

Best cleaner I've used so far!

Great device!

The Elektra works like a charm. They should do a better job of informing the buyer of the slot on the bottom that turns the unit on. Other than that, it hits a temperature that is hotter than your more expensive vape devices, but not as hot as a lighter so you get a really nice hit that is stronger than a vape pen but less damaging than a pipe. I’ve only had it for a few weeks so I can’t speak to it’s durability, but I’m hopeful.