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New Elektra Self Lighting Electric Pipe
Ron Turanski (Portland, US)

It's the very best way to light up!!


Received the pipe about 20 days ago, and it is fantastic. works every time you will not be makig a mistake. Easy to setup and use. no mistakes hear.

Mark Wapinski (Dyer, US)
Randy's Black Label Cleaner

Best cleaner I've used so far!

New Elektra Self Lighting Electric Pipe
Jeremy Farber (Durham, US)
Great device!

The Elektra works like a charm. They should do a better job of informing the buyer of the slot on the bottom that turns the unit on. Other than that, it hits a temperature that is hotter than your more expensive vape devices, but not as hot as a lighter so you get a really nice hit that is stronger than a vape pen but less damaging than a pipe. I’ve only had it for a few weeks so I can’t speak to it’s durability, but I’m hopeful.

New Elektra Self Lighting Electric Pipe
Michelle Wilkins (Columbus, US)
Electra pipe

I like this product, the only downside is the heating element. Very fragile and have to change it often. But, I am good with that.

New Elektra Self Lighting Electric Pipe
Ryan Dake (Wright City, US)
Worth the money

After you get it down pat it's the best pipe you'll ever buy....

S & H
stephen wannall (Mineral, US)

Great customer service!



Time tested

This was to replace my old solo pipe that I had for 7 years before the lighter finally went. Even on the old one the lighter still worked, but the cam to engage it was worn down after so much use. Stellar product that has stood the test of time.

Solo Toker Hand Pipe
Mark Wapinski (Dyer, US)
Works great

A little awkward to use, but it hits great!👍

New Solopipe bowls

I just love the Solopipe and the new bowls make it much better!! Perfect when u don’t have a partner to share with!! 5 stars, all the way!!

Love it

I love the original works great, and I don’t care about putting butane inside

love it

will definitely be ordering more

Great Pipe and Customer Service

First the customer service is outstanding. I was having problems with my Elektra pipe. I contacted customer service and it was handled immediately. The pipe is great. I love using it whenever I travel. It's very easy to use and so compact. Highly recommend!

The Eighth Wonder of the World

Love it

Glass bowls

Nice quality, ready to install when needed

Solo pipe

Once you get the flame right it’s a great pipe who know when you’ll break a arm. You’ll be happy to have in your collection


Once you get the hang of how to fill it with butane and adjust the flame.... It's amazing. And a show stopper when you bust it out. Love this jawn.


Convenient for sure, easy to use & works great

Solo Toker Hand Pipe
Mark Wapinski (Saint John, US)
Works great


Great little pipe

Best pipe I’ve smoked from and easy to take apart to clean


You can't beat the convenience of the Electra, I have no complaints with this device, its a great idea that is well executed. I've seen a few complaints here and there which are probably improvements that could be made, but this thing is solid as is and will not disappoint. The cover is nice for taking a few puffs and leaving some for later, I like that the poker is stored inside of the mouthpiece.

Matthew Hampton (Hoboken, US)
Just what I needed, but didn't know it existed.

Works as advertised. Great design, heavy duty, and no lighter needed.
Awesome pipe,