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Dan G

The Elektra is like a cross between a vaporizer and a pipe hit. Smooth with no choking.

Lee Peevy
I Love My Solopipe Elektra

Hi all.

I love my Solopipe Elektra! The only thing is:

The bowls where the heating coils are, makes it hard for someone who is totally blind to clean, I keep breaking off the wires, but, at least I know that I can order me more bowls. Ha!

If the wire could be soldered into the bottom of the bowl, then it probably would be much easier for me to clean, and that the bowls would last me longer. other than that, I love the pipe imensley!

Thank you.

John leahy

Very nice and convenient, element seams to need replaced frequently but easy enough to do

Christopher Boronski
About 3.5 4.5 if it came complete

Works great for what I use it for. If it came complete it would have been nice. No charger or instructions,and no dab bowls. Had to order them from them,still pissed,no instructions on how to install or use them if they get here. The flower bowl is east to change out,and I only have use of 1 hand.tough to line up but it was cut and dry after it slid in a few choice words later. I still recommend even without the dab bowls, the furnace should be fantastic with it, but no idea about adjusting Temps, hopefully, they send me the instructions, can't find them online, cheers

Domenic Castelano

Really great product I've used it a few times very good.