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The Original SOLOPIPE

Introducing the Coolest pipe ever created!!

Never look for a lighter again with Solopipe, the original self-igniting pipe.

With lighter and pipe in one stylish device, it's all you need.

This Revolutionary Solopipe Will Change The Way You Smoke.

Just load it up…. Shut the sliding bowl cover… Put it in your pocket and hit the Roll!  When to blaze just pull it out and push the button!   The refillable built-in lighter flips up like something out of a James Bond movie and lights the bowl with ease and when you are done smoking just close the metal door and be on your way!  No ashes will fall in your pocket.

The rugged All metal design is sleek, futuristic and compact.   Roughly the size of a credit card it takes up very little room in your pocket….. Although I doubt you will have it in your pocket very long as it should become your favorite gadget…. It’s a smokers dream pipe!!!

  • The World’s first ever Lighter Pipe. Don't be fooled by cheap knockoffs and imitations

  • Refillable Flip up lighter

  • Smooth tasting glass insert smoking chamber

  • Adjustable Flame Size

  • ALL Metal and Virtually indestructible

  • Sliding Bowl cover so you can load it up and put it in your pocket

  • About the size of a credit card! It's the perfect pocket pipe!


If you have friends that smoke then this is a great gift.  Get it engraved and it becomes a Gift that will be used ofter.   It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

LIMITED TIME ONLY Get the Solopipe for 30% OFF during this FLASH SALE

This is a special limited time offer.   Hurry and get your’s TODAY while supplies last

Half Ligher + Half Pipe = 100% Awesome


Whats in the Box?

Each Solopipe comes with a hard shell protective case, cloth carrying bag, cleaning brush, mesh screens, solo bowl glass insert & pipe cleaner


Why Solopipe?

Timeless Design

SoloPipe streamlines the smoking lifestyle with a simple, sleek and timeless design that's durable enough to travel with you anywhere.


SoloPipe combines a refillable, adjustable butane lighter
with a travel pipe to create the ultimate self-igniting smoking tool.

Smoke in style

Make a statement with SoloPipe’s elegant design and high-quality hardware. Set your style alight.